Get a reliable flow of qualified B2B sales leads in two weeks

SalesHoney’s fully managed sales engagement solution combines AI-powered email generation with US based call teams to kick start your sales conversations so that you can focus on closing deals.

Sales Analysis

Leave prospecting
to the experts

  • We offer a fully managed and reliable outsourced appointment setting.
  • Leverage our team to run fast iterations of campaigns to new potential markets.
  • We do the heavy lifting so you can do your best work. You get qualified sales meetings on your calendar.
Sales Analysis
What You Get

More Value & Less Risk

Building a sales organization is expensive and time consuming. By outsourcing your B2B lead generation we absorb the most risky parts of sales development. We’ve also had the added benefit of refining our process over a decade with thousands of data points and dozens of market segments. Because we know what works you benefit from a fast ramp with no downside. Our contracts are flexible and month to month. Why hire an entire team or pay for expensive sales tools.

Sales Operations Manager

Responsible for overall campaign progress and communicating objectives and KPIs

Sales Development Representative

Sales Development Representative US-based resource responsible for making outbound calls 

Research Assistant

Responsible for all list building efforts

Fractional VP of Sales

Responsible for creating your sales playbooks and GTM strategy

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