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We absorb all your top of funnel sales costs and have the best human teams and software to deliver new leads and sales meetings. If you are ready to start building a meaningful sales pipeline, speak with a strategist today.

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Build sales pipeline faster

Build sales pipeline faster

Our expert GTM team works with you to develop a targeting strategy based on your ICP. We will use our tech stack to generate lists from across the web and build a segmentation and campaign strategy that makes sense for your business.


Identify sales triggers or import lists

We build the best account and contact lists based on human research. We’ll identify your target markets and define a campaign strategy. We’ll then use the web to identify accounts and contacts that meet the segmentation criteria and fit within your ICP.


Enrich with contact level details

We'll then enrich contact and account level details that will be used for multi-channel sales outreach.


Use AI and human teams write compelling sales copy

We'll create one to one sequencing using GPT 3 and human teams to scale up our outreach effort.


See real time engagement and take next steps

See real time reporting and get real-time notifications in Slack.

What to Expect

First Day

We kick things off with a 60 minute call to collect details about your campaign objectives. We'll identify what sources we'll use to list build and how to segment your market with snippets to build our messaging strategy.

First Week

You'll receive a list of contacts and accounts to look over and access to our web app. We'll share our snipper creation process and identify your market segments.

First Month

Based on the first month's results, we'll determine if we need to adjust our targeting strategy or continue to build on our current campaign.Based on the first month's results, we'll determine if we need to adjust our targeting strategy or continue to build on our current campaign.


We make weekly iterations and continue to refine our process to improve results. We'll experiment with your TAM and provide reporting to show you what is working and what is now.

We are trusted

We've worked with dozens of companies to accelerate their growth through customized sales outreach tailored to each client.

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How a Data Analytics Company Increased its Sales Qualified Lead Pipeline by 10x

DotData is an early-stage startup in the artificial intelligence space, also known as AI. Specifically, it has a suite of products geared for business intelligence, data analytics and data science teams to help them automate the process of building AI and machine learning models.

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Case Study

How a Billing Automation company generated $1.5 million in new sales opportunities

The Smashdeck team works with Ordway to set sales meetings for their team. Ordway is a fast-growing SaaS company that provides a billing and revenue automation platform to scaling companies with complex pricing and terms. $1.5 million in new sales opportunities generated.

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Good for teams just starting out

/ month
with a minimum 90 day commitment
Use of platform
List building and enrichment
Email sends
Campaign creation
SalesHoney sales team member to respond and field inquiries
Real time view and dashboard reporting
Dedicated SDR (Approx. 250+ dials per week)


Good for teams looking for more of a high touch and faster growth

/ month
with a minimum 90 day commitment

Everything in Tier 1 Plus:

Dedicated SDR (Approx. 500+ dials per week)
Meeting handling and follow up


Good for teams that have total market fit and can manage a full sales pipeline

/ month
with a minimum 90 day commitment

Everything in Tier 1 Plus:

Dedicated SDR (Approx. 750+ dials per week)
Meeting handling and follow up

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you compare to our Sales Engagement Platform

We utilize best in class sales technology but the bulk of our success comes from pairing human research teams with multi-channel sales development. Our team of research assistants will build your account and contact lists, create snippets based on your ICP and customer segments, identify contact and account level details, and reach out via email and voice.

How will I get access to Reporting

Our clients have access to reporting data via our web app, along with all the contacts that have been validated and sent to our sales engagement tools. We also meet weekly or bi-weekly to review current metrics. We communicate directly via Slack and you can see real-time call disposition activity.

Do you have a guarantee

We provide a guarantee after 90 days. We will let you know exactly how many sales meetings we can get you per month and you can decide if you want to re-commit for another 90 days. This first 90 days is really important as we build on your go to market and determine what campaigns are going to be successful.

When will we first see leads/appointments

Typically within the first 1-2 weeks

How do you build my lists

We have access to hundreds of open data sources like Google, LinkedIn, Crunchbase, Glassdoor, that we use to manually pull data and verify each data point.

How do you create your messaging

Your market segmentation is most important to a messaging strategy. We use human teams and OpenAI to develop account and contact specific language based on your unique value points for your market segment.

Frequently Asked Questions