B2B sales meetings on the fly with proven cold email outreach

With SalesHoney you can send sales emails on the fly to all your market segments, and book high quality meetings with your target audience. We do the work for you leveraging our human teams and tech.

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It doesn’t matter if you have a mature sales program or none at all. We are here to do as little or as much as you need.


Our expert team will import account and contact lists from across the web sourced by humans not machines


Validate email with best in class API’s


Create customer segments


Send AI-generated sales emails at scale

Appointment Scheduling

Book meetings with ready-to-buy-leads

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    SDRs get in touch with the leads who respond to emails and suggest scheduling a call at your available time slots.

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    Before appointments, our sales people send gentle reminders to your leads about upcoming meetings.

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    In case of no-show, we follow up with this person to reschedule the meeting, as our goal is to bring you as many calls as possible.


AI-Assisted Email

We use our AI email generation engine to create powerful email copy in seconds scaled to 1 or more market segments and/or campaigns

  • US-Based Call Teams
  • List Building
  • Contact Scrubbing
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Typically 1000-5000 new contacts imported per week

Leverage our team and tech to send outbound sales emails at scale.


ICP and List Building Requirements

We’ll work to understand your ICP and build contact and account lists from across the web.


Create Snippet Messaging for Multiple Market Segments

We will put together multiple market segments based on your ICP.


Outbound Sales Emails at Scale

We use our AI generation engine and human teams to send emails at scale to multiple market segments. Your emails will look nothing like SPAM


Reporting and Optimization

You will have real-time access to a reporting dashboard. Our team will be working on the back-end to optimize what’s working based on positive replies.



Cold email lead generation

$1000 - $2000 / month

Done for you email campaigns

Unlimited email sends
Thousands of emails monthly
We handle and field incoming replies
List Building
ICP and market segmentation
Al-powered email engine
Client reporting
Email, chat and phone support
Ongoing strategy calls
Dedicated account manager

Technology + Human Teams

We built SalesHoney after a decade of running sales campaigns for high-growth companies. With SalesHoney you can send unlimited sales emails on the fly using our AI-generation engine and also score contact records for multi-channel follow up.

What you get:

Unlimited contact records imported based on your ICP
Unlimited email sends
Access to an Account Manager that will guide you on best practices and playbooks

Unlike licensing sales engagement software we implement strategy and systems within 7 days and you start seeing results in less than 2 weeks with a positive return in 90 days or less. Our team does everything for you from list building to market segmentation. We give you a strategy to get started and support to help you scale your sales effort. You just manage your Inbox.

We are trusted

We've worked with dozens of companies to accelerate their growth through customized sales outreach tailored to each client.

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Generate more sales pipeline for your B2B business with a proven sales outreach process and a dedicated team.