Get The Most Of Outreach With Insights And Action Items Sent Directly To Slack

Be better at your top of funnel

Get The Most Of Outreach With Insights And Action Items
Why Integrate?

Why Integrate?

A lot is happening in Outreach in a given day, are you making the most of your daily motions? With the Outreach and Slack integration you can see your current task load and get real-timeinsights into next step activities.

Check activity

Identify contact level activity like opens, clicks and engagement to determine your next step of sales engagement

Get Reminders

Stay on top of tasks and get reminders directly in Slack

Monitor metrics

Get visibility into performance metrics like how well a Sequence is doing

How it Works?


Identify Accounts and Contacts to Engage

At Smashdeck we've been using real time insights into sequence engagement to drive other sales channel engagement for years. Using our Integration you can drive


Prioritize Your Key Accounts

Saynora overdue tasks and missed followups. Automatically remind reps when they have tasks that are due or not being performed in a timely manner to drive the activities you know will drive pipeline


Task Prioritization

Your sales engagement platform should not be a black box to the rest of the organization. Make it easy for frontline managers to see how sequences and messages are performing so that you can understand and react to the market more effectively.


Task Prioritization